People tend to think I'm mad when I say this but, I'm so excited for the colder months!
There's nothing better than breathing in cold, crisp air and wrapping yourself up in knits, wearing a beanie all day, guilt free and eating spicy vegetable soups with warm buttered bread rolls ... #drool. Well, I know what I'm eating for lunch today!

It's not different in the small business world either, we get so excited for the changes in menu and decor and seasonal holidays because we get to be creative and have so much fun, all with you guys in mind. Unlike big businesses, we can tailor our food and drinks to our customers and we love doing it. We like to see happy faces and fun tweets and insta-shots of lunches that have made days better, so this season we're going all out.

Our Chefs and our Baristas have been working none stop experimenting with seasonal ingredients to bring you some incredible treats for Autumn. Don't forget this is the season we see Halloween AND Bonfire night, two of my favourite foodie days (think back to dark nights warmed up with pots of chilli and baked potatoes and treacle in Salford *nostalgia at it's finest*). Meanwhile I've been staying out of the kitchen and focussing on fun activities to keep your littluns occupied -and to keep you sane, wink-wink - during the bad weather months and looking at ways to add extra soft and cosy vibes to the cafe!

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on what you'd like to see in the cafe during Autumn and Winter don't be shy, get in touch! Leave a comment below or get in touch with us directly at

Until then, keep an eye out for sneak peaks and menu changes coming in later this month!