I have heard a few too many people complaining about Autumn this week... And I'm not into that because for real people, Autumn is where it's at.

Let me convert you. 
Here is The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List, if this To Do list doesn't get you in the spirit nothing will!

1. Start easy. Go outside, breath in some cold, crisp air. HOW GOOD IS THAT?

2. Since you're out already out there, have a little look around. See anything pretty, I bet you do! Go touch it! Feels good, eh? Tree bark, crispy leaves, smooth conkers... which brings me to the next thing...

3. Collect Seeds. Throw some jeans on, grab a tote and head out in search of seeds. APPARENTLY (and this might be a lie) Conkers -or horse chestnuts- keeps spiders out of the home. And they're the nicest colour in the natural world, so fill your bag then fill your home with them! 

4.Leave your jacket at home, wrap up in a giant scarf instead.

5. Buy/Make some spicy scented candles and make every person that walks into your home mega jeals. 'Why doesn't their home smell this good?!' is what they'll be thinking.

6. Bake. But be kind to yourself and start easy. Ginger bread smells like heaven in the oven, is popular with almost everyone is great for beginners and creatives who love to decorate. 

7. Pull out every blanket you've ever owned, borrowed, knitted... refresh them in a light wash and place strategically around the house so that there's always one within arms reach of your favourite seats.


8. Make hot chocolate on the stove with ginger and cinnamon, soft dark sugar and a drop of cream. Naughty but so, so nice.

9. Buy/Make some new super fluffy socks.

10. Get your nest ready for winter! Declutter your bookshelves and fill them with classic reads and cookbooks.

11. Appoint yourself a nook in the house, claim it. This is your zen spot now. I made my nook in the conservatory. I'm surrounded by books and giant cushions, flooded with natural light and in full view of the changing leaves in the garden. Chills me right out.

12. Find time to DIY. Big or small, projects you can accomplish in 1 day or less will fill you with instant satisfaction. Do it on a Sunday if you can and you'll feel ready for anything come Monday.

13. Make time to be with your besties. Family, friends, babies...whatever. If they're important to you, make even an hour to just be with them. It's good for the soul.


14. Feed the squirrels and birds. Make hangers for the garden with nuts and fatty seeds, there are a million DIY's on Pinterest but I'm a fan of the pinecone feeder.

15. Be a Hedgehog Hero! They'll be looking for the last of their food right about now and soon they'll be hibernating, but log and leaf piles make great spots for them to hide and it's estimated we have less than a million left in the UK :( so we have to try to care for them. Leave out chunky meaty foods like cat and dog food for them, plus raisins and crushed, plain peanuts and mealworms. You'll likely hear their cute snuffling sounds if you're lucky enough to have visitors! They sound like teeny tiny pigs


16. Treat yourself to a new jumper. You know you want to.

17. Get the slow cooker out. 

18. Have a little bonfire in the back yard. And eat jacket potatoes and chilli while you do.

19.  Host a movie night, chose classics that provide plenty of reference points to laugh at later. 

20. Turn of Paw Patroll (Mums) and find Funny Bones on Youtube instead.

21. Rummage through one last car boot and find yourself some treasures.

22. Have a Beer and Brat night to celebrate Oktoberfest.

23. Frightnight! Pull up your fave horror movies and make a gigantic batch of popcorn.

24. Pick a Pumpkin. DUH. Not to namedrop but our friends over at Red House Farm in Dunham Massey are hosting their first Pumpkin Picking Weekends this October and I can tell you from experience, their organic pumpkins are beauts.


25. Buy take out Carrot Cake and Coffee and sit in a city park, soaking in the season.

26. Drink warm cider.

27. Make cinder toffee.

28. Go to a gig and drink cheap pints.

29. Take a second to remind yourself what and who you're grateful for.

30. Do it all again.