New Summer Cakes For All Your Rainy Days

Oh my goodness. What has happened to our summer guys? I'm not usually one to complain but I was just getting used to the idea of not having to lug around an end-of-days-style rucksack full of spare socks and layers and tiny jumpers and rain coats... Mum's, you know the rucksack I'm talking about. And here we are again... wellies in one hand, Batman umbrella in the other. I just can't deal.

So, I'm going on strike. I refuse to deal with this rain any longer and instead, I'll be hunkering down with our newest range of cakes. At the very least, I intend to taste summer and these cakes are just that, summer in a slice. Feel free to down the rucksacks and join me.

Coco Zing (GF/V)

This is the perfect slice to get lost reminiscing in.
'Remember when we were twenty and we stayed on that island and ate nothing but fresh mangos for 3 weeks?!' This is that cake. It will definitely make you miss your hols OR inspire you to book another. The Coconut Shortbread is layered with Mango and topped with a zingy Lime Frosting for an utterly tropical taste. Pair it with one of our loose-leaf teas and forget about the world outside. 

Raspberries and Cream (GF/V)

This is one of those, sat outside under a canopy overlooking the garden type cakes. And while we wouldn't want you sat outside today, you can certainly grab a seat at the window and watch the world pass you by as you savour its sweet, summery flavours. Soft Vanilla sponge with a layer of Raspberry compote and topped with a creamy, delicate frosting and crushed Pistachios - what's not to love about this one?


Salted Caramel Brownie (V)

For when you've done three laps around the museum with three kids and the rain's threatening you from every angle. Do yourself a favour, be a little bit naughty! It's well deserved. While the kids are snacking on Dino Cookies, be bad and order yourself the Salted Caramel Brownie with a Cappucino. The dark Belgian Chocolate brownie has chunks of milk and white chocolate hidden throughout and is swirled with a rich salted caramel. It's the ultimate grown-up Brownie to recharge with.

Lemon Polenta (GF/V)

The Lemon Polenta, for when you just can't force your feet to move anymore and you need to see the sun pronto! This sunshiny lemon slice tastes how a cool breeze on a hot day feels.  A zingy citrus burst in a buttery polenta crumb with ground almond spritzed with lemon thyme and finished with a sweet, sugary drizzle. Take it down with your bestie and a pitcher of Pimms for some seriously summery feels.


Orange Almond Polenta Traycake (GF/V)

If our summer really is over, this is the cake you're going to want to pick up on those days that you're cold and wet and your hair has a life of it's own and your so sick of it that all you can do is laugh, because it's fun. Another Polenta cake, this most Orange sponge is topped with chopped almonds and a marmalade glaze. It's what I imagine to be the Molly Ringwald of cakes, and that can't be bad.

Yo Berry Flapjack (V)

So yeah, not technically a cake, but new, summery and delicious none the less! This deceivingly special flapjack looks pretty simple next to some of our more decorative slices but that's only because all the magic is inside. Balsamic infused summer berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries)  are layered between moist buttery oats and topped with smooth yoghurt to create a flapjack that really packs a punch and bridges the gap between sweet-treat and snack time.

Eton Mess Slice (V)

Another one to pair with Pimms and enjoy while dreaming of warmer days (ah, where did you go warmer days?) The kids will love this one too, but it is a tiny bit naughty! A way less messy twist on a classic the Eton Mess Slice is built with Biscuit, Strawberry, Raisin and Cranberry, and Marshmallows, Meringue and creamy White Belgian Chocolate. Topped with freeze dried Raspberries, Strawberries and Cherries it makes for a cracking insta-pic too.


So which of our newest range of cakes are you predicting you'll need first? Remember the summer holidays are long and the rain is heavy! So join us for a slice and forget about it for an hour or so :)

Happy Eating!