In the spirit of Cupcake Day (and Fathers Day, and Picnic week and all the other lovely things happening this month) we have free printable Dinosaur! cupcake toppers for you!

We don't do things by half of course, and as the T-rex has become our mascot we wanted to find some really beautiful Dinosaurs that would make even the messiest, most obviously home-baked (best way FYI) cupcakes look incredible. So when we found these illustrations by James Baker we were like... this is it, nothing else compares. 

It is to be noted that these illustrations are the property of James Baker, and while we've contacted the artist we haven't heard back yet - though we're hoping he won't be mad as it's all for a good cause. Given this info we must ask that these toppers are used for personal use only, we have to be strict about that.

On a lighter note, enjoy them! We can't get enough of the colours and the imagination and love that went into them and we so recommend checking out James Bakers site for more illustrations and homewares - I'll be picking up a personalised name print for my little one in the next day or so, they're just too pretty not to bookmark.