After launching our new menu earlier last week, we were so excited to hear everybody's thoughts.

Not a day goes by I've seen, that our chefs aren't throwing themselves into learning something new, experimenting with the freshest produce they can get their hands on (even when it means foraging themselves in the great wilderness of suburban Manchester!) And while it would be very unusual to find that every new taste or idea is perfect on the first attempt, we're pretty lucky in that years of experience and a hands on approach to cultivating food means that our chefs really do manage to make incredible dishes that are pretty damn perfect by the time they reach our tables - not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but we're so proud of them!

So when Faye, the fussy eater turned foodie and founder of The Fussy Feeder blog stopped in to try out our new menu we were thrilled to find that not only is she super lovely, which she truly is, so so friendly - and we're all about that - but she also totally got us! 

It isn't always the easiest finding the balance between bustling city centre museum cafe and relaxed, healthy/comfort food joint (with a few naughty cakey twists), but it sounds as though we're in the right track, going off Fayes Review of us on The Fussy Feeder.

If you haven't checked it out yet, do it now! And if you aren't already following Faye (@thefussyfeeder) on Insta you're probably going to want to get on that too, but be prepared you will most likely leave her feed with a rumbling tum!

All in, having our first blogger visit was a really great experience for us, we learned so much and there's nothing better than sending someone off to the rest of their day with a full stomach and a pep in their step, and we managed to do that! So, Go Team!