It's becoming a thing, we love a good list, and our monthly Bucket lists are becoming obsessive! It's way too easy to forget why we do all the running around we do when life gets busy. I'm forever telling my other half 'Slow down!' and reminding him to take some time to enjoy life. We all do it though, we go to work, run around after kids, study and study some more, and before we know it another month has passed and we haven't made a single memory we'd be happy to share on Facebook in another 5 years. Having a Bucket List to tick off kind of gently forces us to do that, and we need it.

So without any more rambling, here's our December Bucket List...

#1 Bake Gingerbread - if you haven't made 3 wrong batches before getting a 4th just right, you didn't do it properly.

#2 See old pals - the ones you rarely see but always laugh with, even just for an hour.

#3 Hang fairy lights, anywhere and everywhere.

#4 Wrap gifts in brown paper packaging - it's much more recyclable than the printed/foiled gift wrap.

#5 Drink Boozy Hot Chocolates during the day - it's naughty and nice.

#6 Buy local - pick up a hand-made item from a local business and gift it to someone special.

#7 Resist the urge to open all the doors on your advent calendar in one go - dig in to a box of chocolates instead. You deserve it.

#8 Date night! Do something you wouldn't usually, and do it with swag! 

#9 Put glitter on your face. Go on. You know what you want to.

#10 Make a festive playlist and put Elvis on it - If there's no Elvis, again, you didn't do it properly.

#11 Have a domestic in a shopping centre while choosing which colour scheme to go with this Christmas, then make up over a cheese board.

#12 Tell everyone you flat out REFUSE to wear a Christmas jumper this year, then surprise them with the most horrific Christmas jumper you can find! Yeeyyy!

#13 Put the tree up and decorate! Finally!!

#14 Write a 'Love from Santa' letter to a little person in your life (but don't mail it in a Tesco envelope like I did, because little ones these days pick up on EVERYTHING, including the lining of envelopes).

#15 Give a random act of kindness.

#16 Donate last years knitwear to someone in need.

#17 Make your own Soup from scratch. Chicken and Leak maybe?

#18 Wrap up and go for a late evening walk.

#19 Write out holiday cards for your neighbours, 'To No.1, love No.9 does this trick.

#20 Watch a Christmas Movie.

#21 Spend an entire day in your PJ's.

#22 Drink Tea.

#23 Make salt dough ornaments - because clay requires more spending and looks basically the same.

#24 Turn your phone off for an entire day - you'll feel like a whole new person.

#25 If the snow isn't coming to you, go to the snow.

#26 Reflect on what you've been most grateful for this year.

#27 Eat brunch with your favourites.

#28 Learn a new craft - Lino Printing? Patchwork?

#29 Visit the Christmas Markets.

#30 Go to the theatre.

#31 Have a very Merry Christmas, Obviously!