We rarely have time to be bored these days, with studying and work and babies and all the other life-things that pop up before us. But it's nice to dream of all the things we might do if we had that luxury, then again, there are a few nice things we could probably squeeze in if only to save our sanity! 

Without any further rambling, here's our list of Things To Do This November...

  1. Drink Hot Chocolate (at the Cafe, obvs)
  2. Forage for Rosehips and dry them out in a cool, dark space - they'll keep you strong over the winter months!
  3. Do Date Night.
  4. Go Ice Skating (at Exchange Square).
  5. Buy Mittens.
  6. Create a new Pinterest board with gift wrapping inspo.
  7. Fill the house with festive, spicy smells.
  8. Snuggle under a blanket.
  9. Drink Mulled Wine with your favourite girls.
  10. Visit the new Feathered Pterodactyl at the Manchester Museum
  11. Taste a different slice from our baked counter each week.
  12. Get cosy by a bonfire.
  13. Kick through a pile of leaves.
  14. Host a movie night.
  15. Visit your local makers markets.
  16. Eat a Bratwurst that's bigger than your head.
  17. Get crafty with the kids.
  18. Pull your favourite sweater out of storage.
  19. Listen to ALOT of Prince.
  20. Paint your nails Berry coloured.
  21. Take a bike ride.
  22. Ask a friend to recommend a book, and actually read it.
  23. Bake something. Anything will do.
  24. Make a stew.
  25. Have an entire day of nothing but PJ's and biscuits.