It's way too easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of Christmas shopping and errand running this time of year, take a seat and remind yourself why you're doing it with our these Seasonal Slices To Get You Feeling Festive!

Well, it's certainly the season, isn't it? Scarves are replacing chokers (thank goodness), we've swapped shaving for jeans, and it's officially socially acceptable to look like you've bathed in glitter for the first time since festival season. Yeeeaah! So into this. Of course, the best thing about welcoming in Winter, comfort and sparkles aside, is obviously the food! 

I'm usually more of a savoury than sweet eater this time of year - cheese board over ice-cream any day actually - but that's at home. When I'm running around the city in between work errands and cramming the quickest christmas shopping you've EVER seen into lunch breaks (I truly have a gift for this) what I want even more than cheese, is usually a giant coffee and a slice of sugar *cough* I mean, cake, to remind me why I'm driving myself crazy with Christmas.
So, whatever I put into my mouth has to be sweet, and has to be festive. Otherwsie there's just no point and the hangry will come out full force. I think you know what I'm talking about.

With that in mind, here's what I'll be eating with my side of caffeine this year...


This buttery Almond Slice with Mincemeat and Christmas Spices is all our favourite after-dinner festive treats in one (way too easy to take down) slice of happy.



(This is my favourite - don't tell the others)
Crumbly Shortbread base with Cranberries and caramelised Orange, I'm eating these almost daily. How could I not? And I have zero guilt.



This soft Almond Florentine is packed with spicy crystalised ginger and drizzled with Dark Chocolate is bound to get your festive spirit bouncing. If it doesn't you might not be human. Sorry. ...Not sorry.


Have you tried any of our Seasonal Slices yet, and did they get you feeling festive? If no, you might just need to eat more ;) so we'll see you soon for that, yeah?