Is it just me or is Autumn the gift that keeps on giving? As if the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and err.. PUMPKINS people (?!) weren't enough, there's the all-together awesome added bonus of lush drinks to cosy up with. Honestly, few things compare.

When I tell people I look forward to the cold it's often followed up with a string of justifications 'I love the clothes, I love the fresh air and the low sun, I love the colours and crunching through leaves with the little ones.' But the biggie, I looove sitting down after a heavy day, bundled up in my giant scarf, and wrapping my still cold hands around a hot cup of something sweet and seasonally spiced. Oh my goodness, I just can't. Where's my drink gone?

Got it! Anyway, with that mind, we thought it was only right that we shared this most sacred of Autumn rituals with you! So we had the girls behind the bar put on their thinking caps and recreate some of their favourite cold day drinks for you all. Yummmm.

Drinks To Look Out For

Mint Hot Chocolate - Sweet, minty, chocolatey (obvs), this is the kind of hot chocolate you want to take down mid-way, but never on the move! Sit down and enjoy it. Zone out for a minute and watch the world pass by.

Hot Winter Spiced Berry Infusion - I mean, it's a classic right?! A hot berry infusion with a citrus wedge and your very own stick of cinnamon. Get ready, the festive season is fast approaching, and we're helping it along with zero shame!

And the Queen of Autumn drinks, but not as you may know it, Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.
Made up of Pumpkin Puree from the chefs, Almond Milk, Chai Tea, Maple Syrup and Mixed Spice.
It. Is. Incredible. Granted, not a hot drink, but it's all well and good dreaming of frosty days, we are still in Manchester, where the weather doesn't quite know the plan. And on those weird days when you wake up feezing, pop on a jumper and then find yourself boiling by mid-day, a smoothie is still necessary!

Soooo, will we be seeing you, scarf and all, for one our new Autumn drinks? I hope so, You'll definitely see me bopping about the place hovering my camera in one hand and a Hot Spiced Winter Berry in the other!