And you're officially invited!

We can barely believe it's been a year since we first opened our doors, and what a year it's been. 
Our menu has grown so much and we're so proud of it. Almost as proud as we are of our incredible team, who make coming to work each day feel more like a hang out session with your besties... although with more laps of the room and way more tea! We couldn't do it without them, and we certainly couldn't have done it without all of you! 

For all the visits, the many salads, the shared brews with friends, work lunches, messy dates with toddlers, for all of that and so much more thank you for choosing us. 

If we can just ask one more thing of you, it will be that you join us this weekend to help us celebrate! Bring along the friends and the work colleagues and the toddlers, we want to see all of your lovely faces eating birthday cake with us :)

Hip Hip Hooray!