We are very excited to be part of the UK Coffee Week project next week!

Most of us drink coffee every day without thinking where it comes from or who grew it. And very often these communities from third world countries live in impoverished life conditions without clean water.

That’s why UK Coffee Week was founded. It acts as a nationwide fundraising initiative that supports these coffee growing countries through the vibrancy of coffee culture. All funds raised during the week go directly towards Project Waterfall to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities. 

In The Cafe at the Museum we decided to donate 5p of each coffee sold during UK’s Coffee Week to this good cause. Support us and grab a cuppa, the more you buy, the more we donate! 

Find out more about UK Coffee Week on http://www.ukcoffeeweek.com/ and http://www.ukcoffeeweek.com/projects-1/