The tree is decorated, the lights are hung and the stockings are lining the fire place. In the kitchen there are treats and drinks hidden in the farthest corners of the highest shelves and upstairs gifts of all shapes and sizes are tucked away in secret spaces awaiting their big reveal.

I'm not sure how it was achieved, actually I am... with plenty of caffeine and ginger bread to keep me motivated, but either way my Christmas checklist is almost entirely ticked off. Which leaves me with a little time to have some fun and fill any stray inches of tree or wall that aren't already decorated at the same time. I'm obviously talking about Christmas DIY's!

I've already tried a few and had better than expected results, so, here's our pick of the top Christmas DIYs Pinterest has to offer. There are simple DIYs, Baked DIY's, Kid friendly DIY's and even some surprisingly elegant DIY's. But most importantly, these are 7 Christmas DIY's That All Foodies Will Love.

7 Christmas DIYs All Foodies Will Love

 Source:  Cinnamon Dough Gift Tags  (not edible!)

Source: Cinnamon Dough Gift Tags (not edible!)

7 Christmas DIYs All Foodies Will Love

Honestly there are so many more we could list but there wouldn't be enough hours in the day to complete them all! Check out our instagram at @CAFE_MCRMUSEUM in the run up to Christmas to see how we get on with our DIY's and share your attempts with us using the hashtag #TIMEFORTEAREX

We can't wait to see what you come up!