If you've been following our recent posts, then you already know the script. Each week we're sharing a different tea from our comprehensive menu, because it's wet and cold out and we could all do with a hot cup of tea to wrap our hands around, and if we manage to avoid picking up the office flu or stay warm in a draughty lecture hall while we do, all the better!


Jasmine Pearl Tea_Cafe at the museum

So, here goes, this week we're sharing our Jasmine Pearl Tea. It was one of our barista /tea experts, Rachel, that first introduced me to the science of a perfectly brewed pot of Jasmine Pearls, and I'm so glad she did! Our Jasmine Pearls are finely rolled from tea leaves and buds then dried and scented with Jasmine blossoms. When infused the pearls unravel to reveal a soft, sweet aroma like nothing else. Which leads us into our first fact...


The scent of jasmine has long been promoted as a mood enhancer and stress buster, so if you're prone to feeling a little blue during the darker seasons, or if work is hitting it's busy period, then just inhaling the fragrance alone can help you relax naturally, while drinking the tea can also help to loosen your muscles and joints allowing your body to relax too.


Jasmine also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a wonder elixir for soothing pesky throat infections and relieving coughs and colds... Come to think of it i might be due a pot... *cough*


While the aroma of Jasmine tea is one that soothes and calms, unlike a lot of our teas it does contain caffeine, so if you're looking to relax, sit back with your brew in hand and simply inhale; if you're looking for a mid-day pick-me-up that's a little softer on the palette than your usual espresso then drink away.
It's recommended that pregnant women avoid Jasmine tea, and consult their doctor before practicing any aromatherapy techniques, one to remember!
Jasmine tea boosts the metabolism and aids digestion, so don't drink too much in one sitting! That said, if you're looking to detox after a heavy festive night a pot of Jasmine tea could be just what you need.

And that's what we have on Jasmine Tea! So pop in for a pot and watch these beautiful little pearls unravel with one of our deserts, and don't forget to hashtag #timefortearex or tag us on @cafe_mcrmuseum in all the lovely pics you take!
Happy Sipping!