We are very pleased to officially announce the opening of our new cafe. In the last few weeks we've worked hard. Now it's time to play hard!

It all started with our Teacup Kiosk in the main hall of The Manchester Museum, where we were offering our famous cakes and artisan coffee. In the meantime, we initiated the refurbishment of the old Museum's Cafe Muse and transformed it into a new science-inspired version of Teacup. But don't worry, the kiosk is still in its place if you need a quick caffeine fix.

We are very proud to call Manchester's most spetacular museum our new home and that's why we have introduced some special menu items to celebrate our location. You can view our menus above. We especially recommend our milkshakes - Strawberrysaurus Rex or Tutan Cacao Moon.

If you are visiting the Museum or just walking pass on Oxford Road, pop in and reward yourself with our tasty meals and artisan drinks!

The Cafe at the Museum is open everyday from 9AM to 5PM.

The Cafe at the Museum