Guess How Much We Raised For The Alzheimers Society!

Thank you for all your support during Cupcake Day and over the following weekend! Massive thanks to everyone who donated cupcakes, we had some real beauties and for sure we could not have hosted our bake sale without them!

So, you might be wondering how much we raised for the Alzheimers Society.

We had no set goal, we were happy just to be helping but by the end of the sale we'd raised a fantastic £75! 

We're thrilled with the achievement and so are our friends over at The Alzheimers Society so thank you all again and should you wish to donate in the future or even if you're looking for support and information, please head to the Alzheimers Society website and have a look around, there are some truly inspiring stories over there.

Thanks Again!

National Picnic Week: Our Top 5 Picnic Spots Around Manchester

What's not to love about a picnic? Just the word conjures up pictures of tall grass and gingham blankets, and just because we're in the city doesn't mean we should miss out. There are plenty of beautiful spaces to kick off your shoes and rest the day away with good food and good people around Manchester.

Here's our run down of the best picnic spots around Manchester:


As well as it's pretty woodland walks and open spaces, Wythenshaw Park also hosts a community farm, childrens play park and a number of sports and activities for all ages. But my favourite thing about this spot is its collection of Greenhouse turned display houses which are each home to their own themed gardens including a Safari garden which boasts tropical plants such as Banana and Pineapple, and an impressive Cacti house that makes for great instagramming! 

Definitely a picnic spot the little ones will love to explore, take-out our childrens picnic box and get ready to pose your dino cookies!



I'm pretty sure most of you will have ventured to Heaton Park at some point, so I don't know really need to sell it! Owing to it's large (relatively flat) open spaces and close proximity to the city centre Heaton Park is well known for hosting it's fare share of events and holiday celebrations - in short, Heaton is a party park! Certainly kid friendly, but expect to see a few denim clad sunbathers on your way around. 

Pitch a spot in full sun by the water front and take-out something fun and fruity like our iced Watermelon and Mint Lemonade, you might just feel 15 again.



Isn't the name enough to get you there?! You wouldn't be blamed for thinking a Labrynth Character might meet you at the gate.
Boggart Hole Clough (aka. Blackley Clough) is a great escape spot though, stick to the path and walk along with boating lake or stray a little to find twists and turns and peaks and dips, high trees and low shrubs. You can easily spend the whole day here exploring and foraging.

Take a hammock if you have one, if not go for the natural feel and find a seat in the twigs with a take-out Stone Aged Flatbread and chilled herbal tea.


     4. LYMM DAMN

Not to be mistaken with Lyme Park, Lymm Damn is a favourite spot for locals but if you don't live in the surrounding areas you might not know about this gem. Offering smaller walks than other parks in this list, this is another spot you can drag the kids along to and whether they're tiny tots or teenagers with no cause for nature they'll manage the walk. 
It's low key, casual and the kind of place you can give a nod and a polite 'hello' to people as they pass by without getting a questioning glance in return - which I'm a fan of. 

Dress comfortably, jeans and wellies will do, and stretch your legs out on the sandy mounds (which have been there forever but I have no idea why or what for - you'll know them when you see them) with an arsenal of take-out sandwiches and salad... and more dino cookies.



Did I leave the best 'til last? It's too hard to say, I love all the places on this list, but for sure Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens offer as perfect a picnic spot as ever. This park was gifted to the council in 1915 by Aldred Fletcher Moss and still boasts lots of it's original beauty. Pair this with the wildlife and you'll quickly feel the sensation of time passed here. It's long stretches and romantic falling flowers make for a great day date, if you're so lucky.

Pack a take-out Hearty Scone with Clotted Cream and Jam (or two?) and let us fill up your flask with a Jasmine Tea and let the magic happen.

So there are our Top 5 Manchester Picnic Spots, something for everyone, and with the days getting a little longer you might even be able to visit them all for National Picnic Week. We can dream right? Grab yourself a CATM Take Out and tag us in your picnic pics!

Free Printables: Dinosaur! Cupcake Toppers

Free Printables: Dinosaur! Cupcake Toppers

In the spirit of Cupcake Day (and Fathers Day, and Picnic week and all the other lovely things happening this month) we have free printable Dinosaur! cupcake toppers for you!

We don't do things by half of course, and as the T-rex has become our mascot we wanted to find some really beautiful Dinosaurs that would make even the messiest, most obviously home-baked (best way FYI) cupcakes look incredible. So when we found these illustrations by James Baker we were like... this is it, nothing else compares. 

It is to be noted that these illustrations are the property of James Baker, and while we've contacted the artist we haven't heard back yet - though we're hoping he won't be mad as it's all for a good cause. Given this info we must ask that these toppers are used for personal use only, we have to be strict about that.

On a lighter note, enjoy them! We can't get enough of the colours and the imagination and love that went into them and we so recommend checking out James Bakers site for more illustrations and homewares - I'll be picking up a personalised name print for my little one in the next day or so, they're just too pretty not to bookmark.



CATM Bake Off for the Alzheimers Society

CATM Bake Off for the Alzheimers Society

Get it in your calendars folks! On THURSDAY 15th June we're hosting a Pop-Up Cupcake Stall right here in the cafe, in an effort to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society.

We're hoping to make it huge! So feel free to join us - there are a couple of ways you can help.

  • If you fancy, you can donate cupcakes to the stall - home baked by your little beauties or store bought (we won't judge!) - by 5pm on June 14th.
  • OR, you can bring your friends and your appetite and buy a cupcake from the stall instead. That way everybody wins.
  • If neither of these are possible but you'd still like to help we'd encourage you to visit the Alzheimer's Society site and make a direct donation :)

If you'd like any more details on how to donate cupcakes you can email me at with the title BAKE OFF.

Looking forward to seeing your goods!


Alzheimer's Society is a registered charity in England and Wales (296645); the Isle of Man (1128) and operates in Northern Ireland.
Registered with Fundraising Regulator.

Our June Mood

Our June Mood

How did we get here so fast? I hear you ask yourself. Well, not to worry, we're feeling a little of that too. 

June is the anti January.

June is the month for messy hair and baggy t-shirts, old books and new hobbies; planting plants, then planting way more plants… It’s the month you say,
"this body has jelly, and I like it!"
It’s the month for exploring the woods and climbing trees with the kids. It’s counting the birds in your garden and explaining to little ones that it really is nighttime, even though the suns still up. 

We love June.


Tomorrow marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and we're helping to raise awareness and funds for MIND, the Mental Health charity, with some damn good cake!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. This is a biggie for the Teacup group, we're big believers in standing together against mental illnesses, as most of us have been touched by in it one way or another.
It isn't an easy conversation to have always, but usually, the desire to overcome stigma and make real measurable change in peoples lives outweighs that lack of ease.

So that's what we're up to this week!
We want to prompt you to try to have a conversation about Mental Health. But lets not talk only about the damage it can cause, let's talk about how we can lift up the people around us, how we've overcome it, or are working to overcome it. Let's be kind, be patient, be listeners as well as talkers. Talk to your friends, your parents, that chap you see at the bus stop sometimes... talk to us if you want to. And talk to MIND, the charity we're raising funds for this week, because they're really incredible and so knowledgable and caring. 

Pop in for a slice of our specially baked MIND cake, or take a slice home, all next week and in doing that you'll be making a donation to MIND, which will help them to continue the work they do.  

And don't forget to share your cake with the wider world! Get it on TwitterFacebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MHAW2017 to spread awareness far and wide.


For more information or to seek help or advice with regards to mental health please follow the links in this post to MIND, and see your local GP.

We're Hiring!

We're Hiring!

You heard us, we're looking for the best of the best, coolest of weirdos, all-round awesome people to join our team, both out front and in the kitchen! 



If you entered either our UK Coffee Week Competition in aid of #UKCW and Project Waterfall OR our Easter Giveaway you might be wondering... who got the prizes?! Understandably!  So, the winners are....

Go Grow: Half Term Activities

Go Grow: Half Term Activities

We love having our place filled with happy little faces, it's a definite perk! So this week as we wind down from our Easter sugar highs and settle in to the final week of half term we're encouraging your little ones to join our first Go Grow sessions and take home their very own (no mess, easy to grow) pea pots!

Join Us For Our First Easter Egg Trail This Weekend!

Armed with clues, you and your little ones will be guided through the Museum galleries in search of animals, insects and reptiles that all lay legs. 
You'll learn a little about each animal as you go and at the end of the trail there'll be a prize waiting for you in the cafe!

UK Coffee Week Competition Time!

As promised, we're holding a little #giveaway this week to help spread awareness of UK Coffee Week and Project Waterfall, the organisation that shows major coffee appreciation by providing fresh water to the coffee growing communities that make our morning brews possible.

So What Can You Win?

We're giving you the chance to win a new, shiny Teacup-Red Stove Top Percolator, to give your mornings at home an extra boom. And a bag of Ancoats Coffee that should most definitely take pride of place on your kitchen counter - it's delicious.

And How Can You Enter?

Easy, with every cup of coffee of you buy you'll be given a competition card asking you to guess how many Golden Coffee Beans are hidden in the jar on the counter. Fill out the card with your details, your guess and a short sentence telling us why you love the CATM and hand it back to any of our staff. Easy peasy. 


Giveaway closes Sunday 16th April, Winner will be announced on Monday 17th April.


Proudly Supporting UK Coffee Week & Project Waterfall

Proudly Supporting UK Coffee Week & Project Waterfall

Next week is UK Coffee Week, a week dedicated to our utter love of all things coffee and raising funds for Project Waterfall, the organisation that brings fresh water to coffee growing communities. And we're so happy to be taking part this year.