The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

I have heard a few too many people complaining about Autumn this week... And I'm not into that because for real people, Autumn is where it's at.

Let me convert you. 
Here is The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List, if this To Do list doesn't get you in the spirit nothing will!

1. Start easy. Go outside, breath in some cold, crisp air. HOW GOOD IS THAT?

2. Since you're out already out there, have a little look around. See anything pretty, I bet you do! Go touch it! Feels good, eh? Tree bark, crispy leaves, smooth conkers... which brings me to the next thing...

3. Collect Seeds. Throw some jeans on, grab a tote and head out in search of seeds. APPARENTLY (and this might be a lie) Conkers -or horse chestnuts- keeps spiders out of the home. And they're the nicest colour in the natural world, so fill your bag then fill your home with them! 

4.Leave your jacket at home, wrap up in a giant scarf instead.

5. Buy/Make some spicy scented candles and make every person that walks into your home mega jeals. 'Why doesn't their home smell this good?!' is what they'll be thinking.

6. Bake. But be kind to yourself and start easy. Ginger bread smells like heaven in the oven, is popular with almost everyone is great for beginners and creatives who love to decorate. 

7. Pull out every blanket you've ever owned, borrowed, knitted... refresh them in a light wash and place strategically around the house so that there's always one within arms reach of your favourite seats.


8. Make hot chocolate on the stove with ginger and cinnamon, soft dark sugar and a drop of cream. Naughty but so, so nice.

9. Buy/Make some new super fluffy socks.

10. Get your nest ready for winter! Declutter your bookshelves and fill them with classic reads and cookbooks.

11. Appoint yourself a nook in the house, claim it. This is your zen spot now. I made my nook in the conservatory. I'm surrounded by books and giant cushions, flooded with natural light and in full view of the changing leaves in the garden. Chills me right out.

12. Find time to DIY. Big or small, projects you can accomplish in 1 day or less will fill you with instant satisfaction. Do it on a Sunday if you can and you'll feel ready for anything come Monday.

13. Make time to be with your besties. Family, friends, babies...whatever. If they're important to you, make even an hour to just be with them. It's good for the soul.


14. Feed the squirrels and birds. Make hangers for the garden with nuts and fatty seeds, there are a million DIY's on Pinterest but I'm a fan of the pinecone feeder.

15. Be a Hedgehog Hero! They'll be looking for the last of their food right about now and soon they'll be hibernating, but log and leaf piles make great spots for them to hide and it's estimated we have less than a million left in the UK :( so we have to try to care for them. Leave out chunky meaty foods like cat and dog food for them, plus raisins and crushed, plain peanuts and mealworms. You'll likely hear their cute snuffling sounds if you're lucky enough to have visitors! They sound like teeny tiny pigs


16. Treat yourself to a new jumper. You know you want to.

17. Get the slow cooker out. 

18. Have a little bonfire in the back yard. And eat jacket potatoes and chilli while you do.

19.  Host a movie night, chose classics that provide plenty of reference points to laugh at later. 

20. Turn of Paw Patroll (Mums) and find Funny Bones on Youtube instead.

21. Rummage through one last car boot and find yourself some treasures.

22. Have a Beer and Brat night to celebrate Oktoberfest.

23. Frightnight! Pull up your fave horror movies and make a gigantic batch of popcorn.

24. Pick a Pumpkin. DUH. Not to namedrop but our friends over at Red House Farm in Dunham Massey are hosting their first Pumpkin Picking Weekends this October and I can tell you from experience, their organic pumpkins are beauts.


25. Buy take out Carrot Cake and Coffee and sit in a city park, soaking in the season.

26. Drink warm cider.

27. Make cinder toffee.

28. Go to a gig and drink cheap pints.

29. Take a second to remind yourself what and who you're grateful for.

30. Do it all again.



The Dealer App is Raining FREE FRIES

The Dealer App is Raining FREE FRIES

If you haven’t heard of The Dealer App yet, what kind of foodie are you? Okay, to be fair it’s relatively new, but it’s been killing it in Oxford and Cambridge for a while now and it finally hit Manchester today with its North West launch.

Run by a couple of cheeky chaps who (like us all) love a bargain and like to help where they can, The Dealer App brings you exclusive discounts for your fave spots around the city, and that includes us, obviously!
Not just that though, any Northern Quarter lover is fully aware of the homeless community that finds refuge here; the Dealer App offers another way to help the homeless in our community, giving you the opportunity to make small donations here and there if you can.

Anyway! What we’re really getting at here, is that The Dealer App lads approached us to ask if we’d get involved, and while apps aren’t usually our deal, we liked this one. So we said yes, and now you can grab yourself a sneaky portion of FREE FRIES WITH EVERY SANDWICH. Yeeessss!


Autumn Is On Its Way!

People tend to think I'm mad when I say this but, I'm so excited for the colder months!
There's nothing better than breathing in cold, crisp air and wrapping yourself up in knits, wearing a beanie all day, guilt free and eating spicy vegetable soups with warm buttered bread rolls ... #drool. Well, I know what I'm eating for lunch today!

It's not different in the small business world either, we get so excited for the changes in menu and decor and seasonal holidays because we get to be creative and have so much fun, all with you guys in mind. Unlike big businesses, we can tailor our food and drinks to our customers and we love doing it. We like to see happy faces and fun tweets and insta-shots of lunches that have made days better, so this season we're going all out.

Our Chefs and our Baristas have been working none stop experimenting with seasonal ingredients to bring you some incredible treats for Autumn. Don't forget this is the season we see Halloween AND Bonfire night, two of my favourite foodie days (think back to dark nights warmed up with pots of chilli and baked potatoes and treacle in Salford *nostalgia at it's finest*). Meanwhile I've been staying out of the kitchen and focussing on fun activities to keep your littluns occupied -and to keep you sane, wink-wink - during the bad weather months and looking at ways to add extra soft and cosy vibes to the cafe!

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on what you'd like to see in the cafe during Autumn and Winter don't be shy, get in touch! Leave a comment below or get in touch with us directly at

Until then, keep an eye out for sneak peaks and menu changes coming in later this month!

Manchester Pride X CATM = Rainbowcake & Prosecco

August in Manchester is known for one thing in particular, Manchester Pride, and we couldn't be more stoked to be celebrating honestly, it's a holiday (is it a holiday? it should be...) that's up there with Christmas and Halloween for us. 

This Pride we're inviting all of Manchester to celebrate with us by raising a glass of Prosecco and tucking into a slice of our famous Rainbow Cake for £10!

We hope you can join us!

MCR Pride Offer at CATM.png

7 New Summer Cakes For Every Rainy Day of The Week

7 New Summer Cakes For Every Rainy Day of The Week

Oh my goodness. What has happened to our summer guys? I'm not usually one to complain but I was just getting used to the idea of not having to lug around an end-of-days-style rucksack full of spare socks and layers and quilted coats and rain coats... Mum's, you know the rucksack I'm talking about. And here we are again... wellies in one hand, Batman umbrella in the other. I just can't deal.

Well, I'm going on strike. I refuse to deal with this rain any longer so instead, I'll be hunkering down with our newest range of cakes. At the very least, I intend to taste summer and these cakes are just that, summer in a slice. Feel free to down the rucksacks and join me.

#GoGrow : Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

Happy Avocado Day! 

Yes, it's really a thing and we couldn't be happier.
You know we love an Avo here at The Cafe At The Museum and we're all about sustainability and specifically, growing your own food. So when we saw this illustrated infographic on Pinterest on How To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree we HAD to share it with you all. 

And of course we'll be planting our own Avo tree, so we'll keep you posted on Insta! 
Use the hashtags #GoGrow and #TeacupMcr or tag us in your pics so that we can regram your trees and watch them grow!

Daily Specials: While Stocks Last!

We have some luuuush specials on over the next couple days, while stocks last, of course.
Make sure you don't miss out and head down here ASAP to get your chomp on or do one better and Pre-Order your lunch for pick-up! #YesPlease

BEAT THE QUEUE | Pre-Order & Pick-up

Because really who wants to queue if they don't need to?!

As well as our Museum-lover customers we know we gets lots of students and staff from around the university buildings and the museum that just don't have the time on their lunch breaks to be queuing and waiting for tables, so to make life a little easier we want to remind everyone that we do in fact take Pre-Orders for Pick-Up.

So put down the pre-packaged salad from the supermarket and simultaneously squeeze the most time out of your lunch breaks! Call us on 0161 275 6256 to place an order. 

Congrats Class of 2017! Now, It's Time To Partea!

Uni feels like it's never going to end, but then it does and we're left wondering... 'What now?' 
Well, now it's time to partea, and we have the perfect Prosecco menu to help you on the way!

ManifesTEA Has Landed At The Cafe At The Museum!

Manifestea has landed at The Cafe At The Museum!

The herby loose-leaf blend of Dandelion, Lavender and Garden Mint is a robust embodiment of the Manifest Arts Festival and comes to us courtesy of Mike Chavez-Dawson for a limited time only.

The limited stock is available this weekend and will sell by perfectly brewed pots to art and tea lovers alike alongside a commemorative Manifestea post card print.

Get it while stocks last and don't forget to have your loyalty card stamped when you do!

Happy Brewing everyone!

Guess How Much We Raised For The Alzheimers Society!

Thank you for all your support during Cupcake Day and over the following weekend! Massive thanks to everyone who donated cupcakes, we had some real beauties and for sure we could not have hosted our bake sale without them!

So, you might be wondering how much we raised for the Alzheimers Society.

We had no set goal, we were happy just to be helping but by the end of the sale we'd raised a fantastic £75! 

We're thrilled with the achievement and so are our friends over at The Alzheimers Society so thank you all again and should you wish to donate in the future or even if you're looking for support and information, please head to the Alzheimers Society website and have a look around, there are some truly inspiring stories over there.

Thanks Again!

National Picnic Week: Our Top 5 Picnic Spots Around Manchester

What's not to love about a picnic? Just the word conjures up pictures of tall grass and gingham blankets, and just because we're in the city doesn't mean we should miss out. There are plenty of beautiful spaces to kick off your shoes and rest the day away with good food and good people around Manchester.

Here's our run down of the best picnic spots around Manchester:


As well as it's pretty woodland walks and open spaces, Wythenshaw Park also hosts a community farm, childrens play park and a number of sports and activities for all ages. But my favourite thing about this spot is its collection of Greenhouse turned display houses which are each home to their own themed gardens including a Safari garden which boasts tropical plants such as Banana and Pineapple, and an impressive Cacti house that makes for great instagramming! 

Definitely a picnic spot the little ones will love to explore, take-out our childrens picnic box and get ready to pose your dino cookies!



I'm pretty sure most of you will have ventured to Heaton Park at some point, so I don't know really need to sell it! Owing to it's large (relatively flat) open spaces and close proximity to the city centre Heaton Park is well known for hosting it's fare share of events and holiday celebrations - in short, Heaton is a party park! Certainly kid friendly, but expect to see a few denim clad sunbathers on your way around. 

Pitch a spot in full sun by the water front and take-out something fun and fruity like our iced Watermelon and Mint Lemonade, you might just feel 15 again.



Isn't the name enough to get you there?! You wouldn't be blamed for thinking a Labrynth Character might meet you at the gate.
Boggart Hole Clough (aka. Blackley Clough) is a great escape spot though, stick to the path and walk along with boating lake or stray a little to find twists and turns and peaks and dips, high trees and low shrubs. You can easily spend the whole day here exploring and foraging.

Take a hammock if you have one, if not go for the natural feel and find a seat in the twigs with a take-out Stone Aged Flatbread and chilled herbal tea.


     4. LYMM DAMN

Not to be mistaken with Lyme Park, Lymm Damn is a favourite spot for locals but if you don't live in the surrounding areas you might not know about this gem. Offering smaller walks than other parks in this list, this is another spot you can drag the kids along to and whether they're tiny tots or teenagers with no cause for nature they'll manage the walk. 
It's low key, casual and the kind of place you can give a nod and a polite 'hello' to people as they pass by without getting a questioning glance in return - which I'm a fan of. 

Dress comfortably, jeans and wellies will do, and stretch your legs out on the sandy mounds (which have been there forever but I have no idea why or what for - you'll know them when you see them) with an arsenal of take-out sandwiches and salad... and more dino cookies.



Did I leave the best 'til last? It's too hard to say, I love all the places on this list, but for sure Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens offer as perfect a picnic spot as ever. This park was gifted to the council in 1915 by Aldred Fletcher Moss and still boasts lots of it's original beauty. Pair this with the wildlife and you'll quickly feel the sensation of time passed here. It's long stretches and romantic falling flowers make for a great day date, if you're so lucky.

Pack a take-out Hearty Scone with Clotted Cream and Jam (or two?) and let us fill up your flask with a Jasmine Tea and let the magic happen.

So there are our Top 5 Manchester Picnic Spots, something for everyone, and with the days getting a little longer you might even be able to visit them all for National Picnic Week. We can dream right? Grab yourself a CATM Take Out and tag us in your picnic pics!