Tomorrow marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and we're helping to raise awareness and funds for MIND, the Mental Health charity, with some damn good cake!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. This is a biggie for the Teacup group, we're big believers in standing together against mental illnesses, as most of us have been touched by in it one way or another.
It isn't an easy conversation to have always, but usually, the desire to overcome stigma and make real measurable change in peoples lives outweighs that lack of ease.

So that's what we're up to this week!
We want to prompt you to try to have a conversation about Mental Health. But lets not talk only about the damage it can cause, let's talk about how we can lift up the people around us, how we've overcome it, or are working to overcome it. Let's be kind, be patient, be listeners as well as talkers. Talk to your friends, your parents, that chap you see at the bus stop sometimes... talk to us if you want to. And talk to MIND, the charity we're raising funds for this week, because they're really incredible and so knowledgable and caring. 

Pop in for a slice of our specially baked MIND cake, or take a slice home, all next week and in doing that you'll be making a donation to MIND, which will help them to continue the work they do.  

And don't forget to share your cake with the wider world! Get it on TwitterFacebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MHAW2017 to spread awareness far and wide.


For more information or to seek help or advice with regards to mental health please follow the links in this post to MIND, and see your local GP.

We're Hiring!

We're Hiring!

You heard us, we're looking for the best of the best, coolest of weirdos, all-round awesome people to join our team, both out front and in the kitchen! 



If you entered either our UK Coffee Week Competition in aid of #UKCW and Project Waterfall OR our Easter Giveaway you might be wondering... who got the prizes?! Understandably!  So, the winners are....

Go Grow: Half Term Activities

Go Grow: Half Term Activities

We love having our place filled with happy little faces, it's a definite perk! So this week as we wind down from our Easter sugar highs and settle in to the final week of half term we're encouraging your little ones to join our first Go Grow sessions and take home their very own (no mess, easy to grow) pea pots!

Join Us For Our First Easter Egg Trail This Weekend!

Armed with clues, you and your little ones will be guided through the Museum galleries in search of animals, insects and reptiles that all lay legs. 
You'll learn a little about each animal as you go and at the end of the trail there'll be a prize waiting for you in the cafe!

UK Coffee Week Competition Time!

As promised, we're holding a little #giveaway this week to help spread awareness of UK Coffee Week and Project Waterfall, the organisation that shows major coffee appreciation by providing fresh water to the coffee growing communities that make our morning brews possible.

So What Can You Win?

We're giving you the chance to win a new, shiny Teacup-Red Stove Top Percolator, to give your mornings at home an extra boom. And a bag of Ancoats Coffee that should most definitely take pride of place on your kitchen counter - it's delicious.

And How Can You Enter?

Easy, with every cup of coffee of you buy you'll be given a competition card asking you to guess how many Golden Coffee Beans are hidden in the jar on the counter. Fill out the card with your details, your guess and a short sentence telling us why you love the CATM and hand it back to any of our staff. Easy peasy. 


Giveaway closes Sunday 16th April, Winner will be announced on Monday 17th April.


Proudly Supporting UK Coffee Week & Project Waterfall

Proudly Supporting UK Coffee Week & Project Waterfall

Next week is UK Coffee Week, a week dedicated to our utter love of all things coffee and raising funds for Project Waterfall, the organisation that brings fresh water to coffee growing communities. And we're so happy to be taking part this year.

Happy Mothers Day Manchester Mums!

Mothers Day is one of the most special days of the year, it's the time to let our Mums know how truly appreciated they are! And we see so many Mums come through the door of our cafe that naturally we couldn't let this day pass without giving them all a huge shout out!

Thanks for making our space so lovely! We actually so enjoy seeing your little people grow each week and we're thrilled to be on a first name basis with most of them! We wouldn't sell half the tea we do without you - for sure! But more importantly we wouldn't be here without the support only Mums know how to give and we promise to continue the fight against giant prams and messy faces and to keep your kids learning and colouring right along with you for as long as you stick with us!

We also want to show you how much we care with our Mothers Day Special, Cream Tea including our signature Heart Scone, Clotted Cream and Strawberry and Elderflower Jam with a cup of loose leaf tea to help it down for a teeny tiny £4.50 and a glass of half price Prosecco (if you fancy) when you order your cream tea. Boom. We love you Manchester Mums!

Welcoming The Fussy Feeder

After launching our new menu earlier last week, we were so excited to hear everybody's thoughts.

Not a day goes by I've seen, that our chefs aren't throwing themselves into learning something new, experimenting with the freshest produce they can get their hands on (even when it means foraging themselves in the great wilderness of suburban Manchester!) And while it would be very unusual to find that every new taste or idea is perfect on the first attempt, we're pretty lucky in that years of experience and a hands on approach to cultivating food means that our chefs really do manage to make incredible dishes that are pretty damn perfect by the time they reach our tables - not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but we're so proud of them!

So when Faye, the fussy eater turned foodie and founder of The Fussy Feeder blog stopped in to try out our new menu we were thrilled to find that not only is she super lovely, which she truly is, so so friendly - and we're all about that - but she also totally got us! 

It isn't always the easiest finding the balance between bustling city centre museum cafe and relaxed, healthy/comfort food joint (with a few naughty cakey twists), but it sounds as though we're in the right track, going off Fayes Review of us on The Fussy Feeder.

If you haven't checked it out yet, do it now! And if you aren't already following Faye (@thefussyfeeder) on Insta you're probably going to want to get on that too, but be prepared you will most likely leave her feed with a rumbling tum!

All in, having our first blogger visit was a really great experience for us, we learned so much and there's nothing better than sending someone off to the rest of their day with a full stomach and a pep in their step, and we managed to do that! So, Go Team!

Spring Menu Drop!

Just a super quick one to say...

Our Spring menu is live! And just in time for all of this insanely beautiful weather we've been Manchester... who knew that was even a thing?!

As ever, all our dishes, sweet treats and drinks are available to take out as well as eat in, so there's no excuse not to find the time to nip in and indulge yourself. You can even check out the menu online during your morning commute, so no having to decide while you queue. Win win win.

Hop to it!

Happy International Women's Day!

Today is International Women's Day, and we're all over that! I know there are a hundred things we could post today, lists of events, our favourite historic heroines, inspiring quotes... but we're gonna keep it a little closer to home. 

Zoe is one of the leading ladies in our little Teacup family, she's the one the rest of us aspire to be like honestly. She's a girls girl, she gets it, that is, she gets how to lead and how to raise people. She works damn hard and inspires us to be the best we can be, so I figured, she'd most likely have a few pearls of wisdom worth sharing, and it'd be selfish of me to keep them all to myself. I wasn't wrong. I asked Zoe a couple of questions about... well I guess being a woman and the work/life balance we're all trying to figure out.. Here's what she has to share...

What changes do you want to see for women this year?

There are so many things I’d like to see change. I cannot believe in 2017 Women are still having to justify their choices, I cannot believe that Men feel they are qualified to make decisions for us, about us.
I would really like to see a change in the way Women are represented in the press. Magazines (yes I do buy the occasional one) really wind me up. 
Women are either too big, too small, too pretty, not pretty enough, too successful not successful enough - who measures this crap? Have a family, work full time = you are a bad mum ! Have a family, stay at home = drain on the economy! 
Your damned if you do & damned if you don’t. Women cannot win on so many levels.
It hurts me that in some cultures & countries Women are seen as second class citizens & have little or no rights, if anything changed in my day to day I’d consider politics & put myself right in the centre of all this rubbish (in my head I am actually using very different language as rubbish simply isn’t a strong enough)

What kind of woman are you/do you want to be?

It’s always difficult to describe who you are so I did cheat a little & get a second opinion. I’d normally start with a negative because it comes more naturally but here goes. I am strong, resilient, dependable, driven & extremely funny :) even if I do say so myself ! 
I am loyal, passionate about EVERYTHING & dynamic. My mum says I am a warrior princess. I’ll take that.
I am pretty loud & love to be the centre of attention. Where there is a party I will be in the middle of it even if it’s nothing to do with me. I am not ashamed to be heard.
I think on first impressions I can come across as aggressive but I’m not, I am kind & I care very deeply for those close to me & my employees. I want everyone to be ok all the time & if they aren’t I want to find a solution for that. I am a carer, it’s in my nature to nurture, encourage, support & lead. I want my fellow gals to know I am there for them.  

I am forty this year & there have been moments of panic when my mind has run away with itself saying I should have achieved more, I am not where I wanted to be, I haven’t met the stupid & unrealistic targets I set myself in my twenty’s BUT the reality is I have never been happier than the age I am now & the woman I have grown into. I cannot wait to embrace 40. 
I am successful in my career, I love my job, the challenges I face & the pleasure I feel in getting stuff done. I have a wonderful teenage Daughter who is in her own right a force & I hope that I remain a positive role model to her as she is to me.
At this moment in my life I wouldn’t change a thing, you can over analyse until you are blue in the face but sometimes things just are. I just am.

What is important to you?

Choice, Integrity, Love, Laughter, a large glass of shiraz & a bloody good eye cream ! My family & friends of course. I want to be the best I can be for them & of course myself.I want to be a good Daughter, a good Sister & a good Mother. It is important to me that I live my life by my rules & that I make no apology for that.

What do you want other women to see?

I am not sure what this means, what other Women see in me ? Or what I want Women to see in general ? If it’s the latter I would want Women to see that anything is possible, you can have it all & never give up!

Who inspires you?

My Gran, my Mum, my Sisters, my Daughter, my female friends. I am blessed to have fantastic role models. Women I learn from everyday, Women I am able to share with everyday, Women whom I love with every fibre of me & who love me unconditionally back & make me feel that anything is possible. I get a lot of strength from the women in my life.

I am also incredibly lucky to work with fantastic women (& of course Men but today is not about them :)) My job allows me to meet amazing inspirational people that I may never have been lucky enough to cross paths with had it not been for the industry I work in. 
My female work force make me extremely proud with what they achieve with their lives & being able to watch them grow is something I don’t take for granted. I meet inspirational female customers everyday & get to work with outside organisations fronted by power house females some of whom have become firm friends.

Any other thoughts?

 Happy International Women’s Day!

Pancake Day, Finally!

Is it just us or does the rest of the country also spend the whole of February like
'isn't it pancake day this Tuesday?! Oh, it isn't? Are you sure?'
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones. Pancake day is the second best food day of the year after all (the first being Christmas obvs.) So how do you celebrate a day so loved and long awaited? 

Do you have any Pancake Day traditions? In my house, my mum would occasionally cheat and buy the little toasted pancakes from the store, always a disappointing year (sorry mama), but then other years there'd be a full pancake feast and my brothers and I would literally be bouncing around the table waiting for our crepes and my very sleepy mum and dad, exhausted from full days work and running round and flipping pancakes for four of us kids would sink into a chair with a very modest sugar and lemon crepe and were probably grateful it was over for another year.

Well, now that I'm a grown up and I have the job and the family, I feel the pain! Luckily, I also work with a kitchen full of professionals that want nothing more than to flip their way to glory today, so I'm taking all of the stress out of pancake day, rounding up the troupe and heading to the cafe for pancakes this year, and I hope you'll join me! 

Check out our very special Pancake Menu!


Served 8am -2.30pm

With lemon and sugar.

With Maple Syrup and Roast Nuts.

With clotted cream and maple syrup.

Served with your choice of the following:




A stack with one of each of the pancakes listed above. 
To share, or not to share? 

Served Midday to 2.30pm

Served with mixed leaf salad.

Served with mixed leaf salad.