Customer Notice: Changes To Our Opening Hours

A quick notice to all you lovely people, starting one week today our opening hours will be temporarily changing, ever so slightly. Our new opening hours will be as follows:

From December 18th 2017 to January 14th 2018

And were you wondering about our festive opening hours, please see below:




Join us over in the Northern Quarter at our sister site Teacup Kitchen for Teacup After Dark, every Friday and Saturday from 5pm.

In the run-up to the New Year Teacup Kitchen will be open until 10pm every Friday and Saturday,
expect 2 for £10 on our all-new Cocktail list, plenty of Craft Beers, Gin and Wine. Plus an exclusive menu of flatbreads and nibbles to keep hangovers at bay!

It'll be the perfect way to start the weekend and we want to see you all there! So call the baby sitter, put on your glad rags and get in the diary.




Our December Bucket List!

Our December Bucket List!

It's becoming a thing, we love a good list, and our monthly Bucket lists are becoming obsessive! It's way too easy to forget why we do all the running around we do when life gets busy. I'm forever telling my other half 'Slow down!' and reminding him to take some time to enjoy life. We all do it though, we go to work, run around after kids, study and study some more, and before we know it another month has passed and we haven't made a single memory we'd be happy to share on Facebook in another 5 years. Having a Bucket List to tick off kind of gently forces us to do that, and we need it.

So without any more rambling, here's our December Bucket List...

Teacup Gifts Have Arrived At The CATM

Teacup Gifts Have Arrived At The CATM

Teacup Gifts have arrived at The Cafe At The Museum! And they're perfect for Secret Santas and Stocking Stuffers everywhere, plus they're all under a tenner! Win! 

As of today, we're now stocking Children's T-shirts (ages 3-8) £7, Tote Bags, £5; and Speciality Tea Baubles £7.50, all hand-printed and made by local graduates from our surrounding Universities, exclusively for The Cafe At The Museum. So, not only are you buying the cutest Tea-Rex themed gifts this Christmas, you're supporting local arts and small businesses in the process. It doesn't get better that!

Check out all our stock in the cafe from today or keep an eye on our socials for pics!


Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 13.06.58.png

3 Seasonal Slices To Get You Feeling Festive

3 Seasonal Slices To Get You Feeling Festive

It's way too easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of Christmas shopping and errand running this time of year, take a seat and remind yourself why you're doing it with our these Seasonal Slices To Get You Feeling Festive!

Well, it's certainly the season, isn't it? Scarves are replacing chokers (thank goodness), we've swapped shaving for jeans, and it's officially socially acceptable to look like you've bathed in glitter for the first time since festival season. Yeeeaah! So into this. Of course, the best thing about welcoming in Winter, comfort and sparkles aside, is obviously the food! 

I'm usually more of a savoury than sweet eater this time of year - cheese board over ice-cream any day actually - but that's at home. When I'm running around the city in between work errands and cramming the quickest christmas shopping you've EVER seen into lunch breaks (I truly have a gift for this) what I want even more than cheese, is usually a giant coffee and a slice of sugar *cough* I mean, cake, to remind me why I'm driving myself crazy with Christmas.
So, whatever I put into my mouth has to be sweet, and has to be festive. Otherwsie there's just no point and the hangry will come out full force. I think you know what I'm talking about.

With that in mind, here's what I'll be eating with my side of caffeine this year...


This buttery Almond Slice with Mincemeat and Christmas Spices is all our favourite after-dinner festive treats in one (way too easy to take down) slice of happy.



(This is my favourite - don't tell the others)
Crumbly Shortbread base with Cranberries and caramelised Orange, I'm eating these almost daily. How could I not? And I have zero guilt.



This soft Almond Florentine is packed with spicy crystalised ginger and drizzled with Dark Chocolate is bound to get your festive spirit bouncing. If it doesn't you might not be human. Sorry. ...Not sorry.


Have you tried any of our Seasonal Slices yet, and did they get you feeling festive? If no, you might just need to eat more ;) so we'll see you soon for that, yeah?

Our Winter Menu Edits Drop Monday!

We've been editing, finalising and tasting our latest menu ahead of Winter and we're sooooo excited to roll it out to you guys!
Not to mention we've given the whole thing a bit of a make-over, what do you think?

CATM Menu pg1-01.png
CATM Menu pg2-02.png

Things To Do This November...

We rarely have time to be bored these days, with studying and work and babies and all the other life-things that pop up before us. But it's nice to dream of all the things we might do if we had that luxury, then again, there are a few nice things we could probably squeeze in if only to save our sanity! 

Without any further rambling, here's our list of Things To Do This November...

  1. Drink Hot Chocolate (at the Cafe, obvs)
  2. Forage for Rosehips and dry them out in a cool, dark space - they'll keep you strong over the winter months!
  3. Do Date Night.
  4. Go Ice Skating (at Exchange Square).
  5. Buy Mittens.
  6. Create a new Pinterest board with gift wrapping inspo.
  7. Fill the house with festive, spicy smells.
  8. Snuggle under a blanket.
  9. Drink Mulled Wine with your favourite girls.
  10. Visit the new Feathered Pterodactyl at the Manchester Museum
  11. Taste a different slice from our baked counter each week.
  12. Get cosy by a bonfire.
  13. Kick through a pile of leaves.
  14. Host a movie night.
  15. Visit your local makers markets.
  16. Eat a Bratwurst that's bigger than your head.
  17. Get crafty with the kids.
  18. Pull your favourite sweater out of storage.
  19. Listen to ALOT of Prince.
  20. Paint your nails Berry coloured.
  21. Take a bike ride.
  22. Ask a friend to recommend a book, and actually read it.
  23. Bake something. Anything will do.
  24. Make a stew.
  25. Have an entire day of nothing but PJ's and biscuits. 

20 Scary Movies to Watch With Your Little Ones This Halloween

I don't know about all of you, but I've been racking my brain trying to remember all of the 'scary' kids movies I've seen over the years to keep my little one festively entertained over October.

Crucial flaw though, I was trying to remember age appropriate movies, all the while forgetting age-appropriate was never my thing as a kid. I wanted to watch the MOST gruesome, most terrifying films out there - but then I'd drive my poor folks nuts, leaving every light in the house on, waking up in the night convinced my little brother (who had night terrors, this did not help!) was possessed... 

Luckily my little one is still at that cute age where he still does as he's told, most of the time, and with only a little bribery! So this isn't an issue likely to be repeated for another ten years or so (hopefully). But I've still been stuck. What can I put on TV for my 4 year old that will get him in the spirit, keep ME entertained - since I'll be watching it with him, and that won't scar him for life?

I've compiled a list! I love a good list. Not just for 4 year olds, but for little kids. Some are scarier than others, so check out the trailers! 





















All New Autumn Drinks (They're So Dreamy!)

Is it just me or is Autumn the gift that keeps on giving? As if the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and err.. PUMPKINS people (?!) weren't enough, there's the all-together awesome added bonus of lush drinks to cosy up with. Honestly, few things compare.

When I tell people I look forward to the cold it's often followed up with a string of justifications 'I love the clothes, I love the fresh air and the low sun, I love the colours and crunching through leaves with the little ones.' But the biggie, I looove sitting down after a heavy day, bundled up in my giant scarf, and wrapping my still cold hands around a hot cup of something sweet and seasonally spiced. Oh my goodness, I just can't. Where's my drink gone?

Got it! Anyway, with that mind, we thought it was only right that we shared this most sacred of Autumn rituals with you! So we had the girls behind the bar put on their thinking caps and recreate some of their favourite cold day drinks for you all. Yummmm.

Drinks To Look Out For

Mint Hot Chocolate - Sweet, minty, chocolatey (obvs), this is the kind of hot chocolate you want to take down mid-way, but never on the move! Sit down and enjoy it. Zone out for a minute and watch the world pass by.

Hot Winter Spiced Berry Infusion - I mean, it's a classic right?! A hot berry infusion with a citrus wedge and your very own stick of cinnamon. Get ready, the festive season is fast approaching, and we're helping it along with zero shame!

And the Queen of Autumn drinks, but not as you may know it, Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.
Made up of Pumpkin Puree from the chefs, Almond Milk, Chai Tea, Maple Syrup and Mixed Spice.
It. Is. Incredible. Granted, not a hot drink, but it's all well and good dreaming of frosty days, we are still in Manchester, where the weather doesn't quite know the plan. And on those weird days when you wake up feezing, pop on a jumper and then find yourself boiling by mid-day, a smoothie is still necessary!

Soooo, will we be seeing you, scarf and all, for one our new Autumn drinks? I hope so, You'll definitely see me bopping about the place hovering my camera in one hand and a Hot Spiced Winter Berry in the other!

The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

I have heard a few too many people complaining about Autumn this week... And I'm not into that because for real people, Autumn is where it's at.

Let me convert you. 
Here is The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List, if this To Do list doesn't get you in the spirit nothing will!

1. Start easy. Go outside, breath in some cold, crisp air. HOW GOOD IS THAT?

2. Since you're out already out there, have a little look around. See anything pretty, I bet you do! Go touch it! Feels good, eh? Tree bark, crispy leaves, smooth conkers... which brings me to the next thing...

3. Collect Seeds. Throw some jeans on, grab a tote and head out in search of seeds. APPARENTLY (and this might be a lie) Conkers -or horse chestnuts- keeps spiders out of the home. And they're the nicest colour in the natural world, so fill your bag then fill your home with them! 

4.Leave your jacket at home, wrap up in a giant scarf instead.

5. Buy/Make some spicy scented candles and make every person that walks into your home mega jeals. 'Why doesn't their home smell this good?!' is what they'll be thinking.

6. Bake. But be kind to yourself and start easy. Ginger bread smells like heaven in the oven, is popular with almost everyone is great for beginners and creatives who love to decorate. 

7. Pull out every blanket you've ever owned, borrowed, knitted... refresh them in a light wash and place strategically around the house so that there's always one within arms reach of your favourite seats.


8. Make hot chocolate on the stove with ginger and cinnamon, soft dark sugar and a drop of cream. Naughty but so, so nice.

9. Buy/Make some new super fluffy socks.

10. Get your nest ready for winter! Declutter your bookshelves and fill them with classic reads and cookbooks.

11. Appoint yourself a nook in the house, claim it. This is your zen spot now. I made my nook in the conservatory. I'm surrounded by books and giant cushions, flooded with natural light and in full view of the changing leaves in the garden. Chills me right out.

12. Find time to DIY. Big or small, projects you can accomplish in 1 day or less will fill you with instant satisfaction. Do it on a Sunday if you can and you'll feel ready for anything come Monday.

13. Make time to be with your besties. Family, friends, babies...whatever. If they're important to you, make even an hour to just be with them. It's good for the soul.


14. Feed the squirrels and birds. Make hangers for the garden with nuts and fatty seeds, there are a million DIY's on Pinterest but I'm a fan of the pinecone feeder.

15. Be a Hedgehog Hero! They'll be looking for the last of their food right about now and soon they'll be hibernating, but log and leaf piles make great spots for them to hide and it's estimated we have less than a million left in the UK :( so we have to try to care for them. Leave out chunky meaty foods like cat and dog food for them, plus raisins and crushed, plain peanuts and mealworms. You'll likely hear their cute snuffling sounds if you're lucky enough to have visitors! They sound like teeny tiny pigs


16. Treat yourself to a new jumper. You know you want to.

17. Get the slow cooker out. 

18. Have a little bonfire in the back yard. And eat jacket potatoes and chilli while you do.

19.  Host a movie night, chose classics that provide plenty of reference points to laugh at later. 

20. Turn of Paw Patroll (Mums) and find Funny Bones on Youtube instead.

21. Rummage through one last car boot and find yourself some treasures.

22. Have a Beer and Brat night to celebrate Oktoberfest.

23. Frightnight! Pull up your fave horror movies and make a gigantic batch of popcorn.

24. Pick a Pumpkin. DUH. Not to namedrop but our friends over at Red House Farm in Dunham Massey are hosting their first Pumpkin Picking Weekends this October and I can tell you from experience, their organic pumpkins are beauts.


25. Buy take out Carrot Cake and Coffee and sit in a city park, soaking in the season.

26. Drink warm cider.

27. Make cinder toffee.

28. Go to a gig and drink cheap pints.

29. Take a second to remind yourself what and who you're grateful for.

30. Do it all again.



The Dealer App is Raining FREE FRIES

The Dealer App is Raining FREE FRIES

If you haven’t heard of The Dealer App yet, what kind of foodie are you? Okay, to be fair it’s relatively new, but it’s been killing it in Oxford and Cambridge for a while now and it finally hit Manchester today with its North West launch.

Run by a couple of cheeky chaps who (like us all) love a bargain and like to help where they can, The Dealer App brings you exclusive discounts for your fave spots around the city, and that includes us, obviously!
Not just that though, any Northern Quarter lover is fully aware of the homeless community that finds refuge here; the Dealer App offers another way to help the homeless in our community, giving you the opportunity to make small donations here and there if you can.

Anyway! What we’re really getting at here, is that The Dealer App lads approached us to ask if we’d get involved, and while apps aren’t usually our deal, we liked this one. So we said yes, and now you can grab yourself a sneaky portion of FREE FRIES WITH EVERY SANDWICH. Yeeessss!


Autumn Is On Its Way!

People tend to think I'm mad when I say this but, I'm so excited for the colder months!
There's nothing better than breathing in cold, crisp air and wrapping yourself up in knits, wearing a beanie all day, guilt free and eating spicy vegetable soups with warm buttered bread rolls ... #drool. Well, I know what I'm eating for lunch today!

It's not different in the small business world either, we get so excited for the changes in menu and decor and seasonal holidays because we get to be creative and have so much fun, all with you guys in mind. Unlike big businesses, we can tailor our food and drinks to our customers and we love doing it. We like to see happy faces and fun tweets and insta-shots of lunches that have made days better, so this season we're going all out.

Our Chefs and our Baristas have been working none stop experimenting with seasonal ingredients to bring you some incredible treats for Autumn. Don't forget this is the season we see Halloween AND Bonfire night, two of my favourite foodie days (think back to dark nights warmed up with pots of chilli and baked potatoes and treacle in Salford *nostalgia at it's finest*). Meanwhile I've been staying out of the kitchen and focussing on fun activities to keep your littluns occupied -and to keep you sane, wink-wink - during the bad weather months and looking at ways to add extra soft and cosy vibes to the cafe!

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on what you'd like to see in the cafe during Autumn and Winter don't be shy, get in touch! Leave a comment below or get in touch with us directly at

Until then, keep an eye out for sneak peaks and menu changes coming in later this month!